/ Signage

The Flexart Group creates a wide range of signage for all of your businesses purposes. We can design and print large or small signage in many different materials, shapes and colours. The best part about signage is that they are a constant form of advertising and customers can be constantly be informed about your business. Banners are the best way to generate excitement between existing or potential customers.

Indoor Banners
Indoor Banners are a cost effective way to attract new customers and grow sales. Banners are seen and read by multiple customers, over and over again each day. Depending on your marketing objectives, signage can create product awareness, introduce special pricing promotions and deals or promote a new or upcoming event.

Flexart has the options to order one banner or multiples of the same banner for affordable delivery or local pick up. The Flexart Group also offers full-colour digital photographic images and customised logos, to ensure the banner is connected to your current marketing and is visually appealing.

Vehicle Graphics and Lettering
Turn your company’s vehicles into advertising machines by applying customised lettering and graphics. Flexart has the ability to create car stickers and graphics for a single car or a dozen vans. Our custom vehicle graphics will catch the attention of drivers and assist in building brand awareness.

The Flexart Group can create vehicle graphics and lettering in a wide range of sizes and colours. The signage is ready-to-apply and we guarantee it will be easily applied or bring your car into the office and we can do it for you.

Labels and Stickers
Flexart create long-lasting, custom labels and stickers which can be applied to a large range of surfaces. This includes but is not limited to; windows, walls, floors, products, footpaths and packaging. Made-to-order in virtually any shape, size, material and quantity, Flexart have the ability to design and print your stickers all in the one location.

Window Stickers
Large Stickers are a great way to promote your business, organisation, product or event. Window stickers enable you to transform your windows into a form of advertising. Window stickers are great for newly opening businesses including retail stores, medical and professional offices, showrooms, restaurants and hotels.

Digital Printed Signs
Flexart has the newest digital printing technology, which produces stunning images with long outdoor life. The Flexart Group has used digital printing for the production of most sign types, from banners to building signage and vehicle graphics. For more information contact the Flexart Group to find out how digital printed signs can help you grow your business.