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Graphic Design
With over twenty years’ experience working in Graphic Design, Senior Graphic Designer Jason Milani has the skills and experience to guarantee your business receives a unique and professionally tailored artwork for all creative campaigns.

Flexart Group takes a creative and innovative approach when working with your brand and has always focused on a personalised service and creating the best possible graphic design solution for our clients.

Senior Graphic Designer Jason Milani, specialises in branding creation (including logo development and business card creation), advertising and marketing. The Flexart Group’s key objective when creating cutting edge design, is to design creative solutions that will ensure you have a unique advantage over your competitors.

Our graphic design services include tasks as small as creating flyers for your next event, to fully redesigning your logo and branding direction.

The Flexart Group ensures that your business always receives high-end, yet cost effective marketing and advertising solutions, which are unlike any other competitor in your field.

The Flexart Group produces all of its digital print production on premises; therefore we can provide our clients with fast turnaround and cost-effective printing solutions. Our business can easily cater for specialised print runs, or low minimum quantities and digital printing from the Flexart Group allows your business to better your businesses overall branding.

Fridge Magnets
Forward thinking marketing is about solving people’s problems and being front and center in places where they frequent the most. The Flexart Group can customise an order of fridge magnets to create the exact message you
 want to inject in your customers minds. We offer hundreds of colours, 
shapes or sizes that ensure they look 
unique and stylish and set you apart from your competitors fridge magnets.

Like all of our products we will ensure that the branding is consistent, and your message and objectives are being met.

Brochures and Flyers
The Flexart Group specialises in colour, double-sided A4 brochures folded to either six DL panels, or four A5 panels. Brochure creation is popular within all industries and is one of Flexart’s most popular products.

Brochures are an economical option for direct marketing campaigns, in store information or to include with your general mail correspondence. Senior graphic designer Jason Milani, develops your brochures to ensure that they are consistent with your existing marketing material.

With similar benefits as the brochure, flyers are an economical way to share information with current or potential clients. Whether they are handed out, or posted, this is a highly effective way to get your business recognized.

The Flexart Group can design single or double-sided print in a variety of paper weights, and finishes, in almost any size you desire.

When creating menus for your business the Flexart Group ensures individuality and uniqueness. Like all of our designs, your menu is fully customizable to your creative vision and stays true to your current branding.

Choose between a variety of paper and finishing options for a long lasting and professional finish. Matched to your existing logos and branding, it’s another way to market your restaurant.

Postcards or Greeting Cards
Ideal for wishing your clients a Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas, the post card or greeting card is a great way to stay in touch with existing clients.

Available in standard sizes of A6, DL and A5, the Flextart Group can also produce folding versions for the perfect thank you, or greeting card.

Digitally printed banners are a great way to gain high exposure in outdoors advertising. With the ability to use bold, bright colours, photographic images and durable materials, banners are extremely popular with the retail and hospitality businesses and are an Ideal way to showcase up-and-coming specials, events, or promotions to passing traffic.

The Flexart Group is able to digitally print and finish banners from 1.3 meters all the way up to 25 meters, in a variety of materials including vinyl and banner material.

The Flexart Group specialises in large format print and can get your message across clearly and efficiently. Producing anything from single A2-A1-A0 poster prints to larger sizes and quantities, senior graphic designer Jason Milani designs specifically for the large format and state-of-the-art print equipment can streamline your promotions across multiple venues, on time and within budget.

Clients can choose from a range of stocks for matt or glossy finish, with lamination options available.

Business cards
The business card is still the first point of contact when meeting new clients. Using business cards is an effective branding and marketing tool to ensure that you are remembered by potential clients. We’ll get your message across creatively and professionally and ensure that the branding is consistent with your other products.

Flexart creates call of their business cards uniquely, no templates are used and no one business card is like the other. This gives you an instant advantage over your competition.

Digital Light box Printing
For high impact, you can’t go past light box advertising. This form of advertising can be used in shop windows, restaurants, cinemas, stadiums, airports, in fact pretty much anywhere. From wall-mounted to freestanding, they really adapt to any situation.

The Flexart Group can design and print full colour graphics that can be fitted into your existing frames. Light box advertising is a guaranteed way of demanding attention for your brand and products, especially at night!

Web Development
The Flexart Group has been building websites for Australian small and large businesses for over 10 years. At Flexart, our developers will work closely with you to create a total online presence, and give you an edge over your competitions. We assure our clients that the final product will reflect a total professionalism that only 10 years in the industry can give your business!

The Flexart Group is based in Melbourne and continues to set the highest standard in the industry by providing groundbreaking and innovative online solutions. The best thing about the Flexart Group’s web design and development, is your businesses website will be fully customized, making a clear difference between your brand and your competitors. None of our websites are created from templates and this will give your organisation a competitive edge!

The Flexart Group strives to achieve custom built websites that delivers a fresh, responsive and engaging online presence for your business. With more people using hand held devices; it is critical that your website looks, performs and functions well, on all devices. All of the Flexart Group’s designs are fully adaptable to all devices, and will remain consistent regardless of what mobile or desktop device is used to view it.

We make developing and maintaining your new website, easy as possible for a completely hassle free experience. The Flexart Group creates your website at one initial cost. Following this, you and your staff have full access to update and add your own information and pages. You will have ongoing support from the web designer and being based in Melbourne allows you to come into the office and learn directly from the developer.

It is our job to achieve your specific website objectives whatever they may be. We are here to ensure that you get the website that you want. Online store options are also available and we are here to ensure all of your websites goals are achieved.

The Flexart Group is now offering you the opportunity to trial our web development for your business. Please register your interest at and we can create a complimentary home page for your business to link to your current branding.

If you don’t have any established branding including logos or colour scheme, our graphic designer can establish one for you.